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Head Instructor:

Steve Tubbs

5th Degree Black Belt

Assistant Instructor:

David Harrington

3rd Degree Black Belt

Location:çViera, FL


Tuesday 7-9 p.m.

Saturday 10-12




The Goshin Integrated Martial Arts Academy

The Goshin Integrated Martial Arts Academy was founded in Savannah, GA in 1999 by Steven Tubbs, Sensei. It was originally known as Goshin Integrated Martial Arts and was a school dedicated to teaching Goshin Jutsu Karate.

Goshin Integrated Martial Arts was moved to Melbourne, FL in in 2006 and has been open contiuously since then.

In 2013 Tubbs Sensei reorganized the curriculum into the Goshin Integrated Martial Arts system, and dedicaticated his school to teaching that system, renaming it the Goshin Integrated Martial Arts Acaemy.

The Academy is currently matted wall to wall and its curriculum covers striking, throws and take downs, grappling, and their application to self defense.

While competion is not a primary concern, students are given the chance to perform in a variety of competions and has had competitors place in sparring, forms, and grappling competions.

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