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Steven Tubbs, Sensei:
Godan: Goshin Jutsu Karate
Sandan: Nihon Jujitsu, U. S. Jujitsu
Sankyu: Kodokan Judo
Steven Tubbs Sensei has been studying the martial arts for over thirty years, starting in western Pennsylvania where he grew up. Tubbs Sensei started his martial arts training under Master Jim Fife in Union City as a young boy. He spent about four years training under Master Fife obtaining a Gokyu ranking.
After a brief break, Tubbs Sensei began studying under Hanshi Stephen Capela Jr., the top student of Goshin Jutsu founder the late Grand Master Gerry Durant. Tubbs Sensei earned his black belt in 1991. While studying education at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Sensei Tubbs began studying and teaching at Master Jon Stankoski's Village Karate Club while still making trips to Hanshi Capela's famed Union City Karate Club.
After Graduating from Edinboro Univiversity of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Science degree in elementary education, Tubbs Sensei moved to Savannah, GA. In the spring of 2000, he moved to Springfield, GA and become the head Goshin Jutsu instructor at the USA Martial Arts Academy. He also began studying his ground game in earnest at this time by working with former Virginia State champion and collegiate wrester Mr. Joe Shumate. It was then that Sensei Tubbs began to combine the Judo incorpoated in Goshin Jutsu, with free style wrestling and submissions to formulate his Goshin Integrated Grappling system. Sensei Tubbs tested his system at the 2002 UMAS Open, where he competed in, and won the open weight submission championship.
In the spring of 2002, at the annual Goshin Jutsu in Georgia Karate Clinic, Hanshi Capela awarded Sensei Tubbs with a fourth dan (degree) ranking and the title "Master." After completing a successful three year stay at the USA Martial Arts Academy, Master Tubbs opened up Goshin Integrated Martial Arts closer to his new residence in Savannah, GA.
In the summer of 2004 Sensei Tubbs moved to Melbourne, FL to pursue professional opportunites. Before he re-opened his Goshin Integrated Martial Arts Dojo, he began studying Kodokan Judo and Nihon Jujitsu at Samurai Judo and Jujitsu where he currently holds a Sand Dan ranking in jujitsu and a Sankyu ranking in Judo.
In October of 2006 Tubbs Sensei re-openend Goshin Integrated Martial Arts at the Via Tuscany Apartments Gym.

2007 has been a busy year for Tubbs Sensei.He was promoted to Godan (5th degree blackbelt) on Wednesday July 18, 2007 while attending Master Capela's Yudansha class in Union City, Pennsylvania. He was also promoted to Sandan (3rd degree blackbelt) in Nihon and U.S. Jujitsu by his Jujitsu instructor David Parritt.

2010 proved to be a very busy year for Tubbs Sensei. Shortly before his marriage he bought a new home in Viera, FL. He turned his new garage into a dojo and moved Goshin Integrated Martial Arts there.

In 2013 Tubbs Sensei reorganized the curriculum into the Goshin Integrated Martial Arts system, and dedicaticated his school to teaching that system, renaming it the Goshin Integrated Martial Arts Acaemy.

Miscellaneous Photographs
1983? Sparring under the watchful eye of Master Capela 1983? Performing Kata